“I am going to do everything I can to help the working families, which I grew up on, and I am a part of now. When I help fellow brothers and sisters, I help myself.”
Carl Williams - Business Rep - Teamsters Saint Louis

Carl Williams

Business Representative


Williams, a 25 year Teamster, started at Wetterau Inc. in 1991, quickly becoming a shop steward in1994. Williams became a member of the Joint Labor Management Committee in 2003, serving on the Political Education Committee since 2004. He was a delegate to the 2006 IBT Convention, and sat on the Fair Election Committee in 2008. Most recently elected to the contract negotiations team at Super Valu including the last 4 contracts dating back to 1998.

Williams was appointed Trustee in June 2012 and appointed as full time Business Representative June 2016. Williams comes from a long line of teamsters, with his grandmother a Local 688 Teamster and his father a Local 682 Teamster.