John Becker, Jr. - Vice President - Teamsters St Louis Missouri

John Becker, Jr.

Vice President


Becker began his Teamster career at Coca-Cola Bottling Company as a helper on a route truck in 1979. In 1981 he was promoted to a driver and held that position until he was hired by Local 688 to serve as a Business Representative. While at Coca-Cola, Becker became a union activist as a shop steward. Under the leadership of senior shop stewards and the late Kenny DeGrande (Business Representative of Local 688), Becker gained experience and passion for the labor movement. He served on the grievance committee as chairperson for labor-management meetings, served on the budget committee, and participated in the Labor Day Parade. In 1987, Becker was elected Chief Shop Steward at Coca-Cola and continued to serve on all committees.

In April 1995, Local 688 hired Becker as a Business Representative to serve Local 688 members in the steel industry and manufacturing. In 1999, he was appointed as a Trustee on the Labor Health Institute Pension Plan. In 2004, Becker was appointed to the Teamster Negotiated Pension Plan and in 2007 was appointed as a Trustee on the Insurance and Welfare Fund.

Currently serving as Recording Secretary & Business Representative, Becker represents Local 688 members in the soft drink and manufacturing industries.

Becker has been a union member for over 30 years, starting out in the grocery union. His grandfather was a member of the Railroad Workers union, and his father retired from Coca-Cola after years as Chief Shop Steward and a member of the Local 688 Executive Board.